Chopped Sayer date

chopped sayer dates

Sayer dates are chopped into small cubes for various uses and flour of Soya or rice is added to reduce stickiness. This product is used for direct consumption in snacks, cereals, cooked products or in medicine and industry.

There are two examples of chopped Sair dates:

1- Chopped Sair dates, 4mm * 8mm

2- Chopped Sair dates, 8mm * 12mm

This product is in 5 kg and 10 kg packages. Other packages can be prepared according to customer’s request.

The moisture level of chopped dates is about 15%.

Payvand Company: Supplier of Sayer Dates

Payvand Company, with years of experience in the field of Iranian date exports, prepares chopped Stamaran dates and exports them to all over the world. To supply chopped Sayer dates with the best quality, please contact the company’s sales experts.

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