Properties and characteristics of date and its palm

The beneficial properties of dates, which have been discovered by most researchers today, have made this small fruit replace many other harmful substances such as sugar. It is interesting to know that about 50% of its fruit production is consumed only in the country (Iran), that is, the major part of the properties of dates is also used by our own people. Dates are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and other nutrients such as protein, fat, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and niacin. Therefore, it is recommended to consume about 2 to 3 dates a day so that you can absorb the vitamins your body needs from this fruit.

  1. It is interesting to know that dates are one of the main units of the fruit pyramid and eating it is always recommended.
  2. It is the best alternative to sugar because it has less energy than it. In fact, there are 125 kcal of energy in 100 grams of dates, but in the same amount of sugar, there are 400 kcal of energy. Therefore, proper consumption of dates is less likely to cause weight gain in people, and especially for people who want to lose weight, the use of this fruit is highly recommended
  3. For people with digestive problems, eating dates is recommended. Dates, because of their vitamins, are an excellent nutrient for improving the digestive system and its diseases such as constipation and digestive problems. Eating dates also helps prevent bowel cancer and hemorrhoids
  4. Vitamin B6 is a great alternative for boosting memory
  5. Potassium is also good for people with high blood pressure. It is also recommended for people with mental illness due to its magnesium content. Phosphorus in dates also strengthens and keeps nerve cells alive
  6. Due to its inhibitory effects (and of course less sugar) it is one of the factors preventing tooth decay
  7. Dates are also used as a pain reliever and are more recommended for pregnant women who are about to give birth
  8. Dates contain folate or folic acid, which is a blood-forming substance found in dates. Hence, it is considered a hematopoietic fruit
  9. Consumption of soaked dates in the morning (which of course should be soaked in water the night before) is also recommended for people with weak hearts
  10. Dates are good for iron deficiency and are a strong evening for athletes, which is often recommended to be consumed with milk. Also, eating dates causes weight loss, suitable for stomach cancer, controls diarrhea, etc

The properties and benefits of dates are so great that talking about its full properties is beyond the scope of this discussion; But by no means should you overeat dates.

Excessive consumption of dates can cause:

  • Damage to the liver and spleen
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Tooth Decay
  • It is not recommended for people with diabetes; Because it has more sugar for high consumption.
  • Due to its hot nature, it may cause mouth sores and itching.
  • For people with diabetes, it is recommended to eat only a maximum of two dates a day.
  • More severe herpes
  • Exacerbation of blisters

Palm tree:

An old Arabic proverb says: The benefits of a palm tree are equal to the number of days in the year. This proverb shows that humans have used this tree in various ways for many years. Today, in the fertile areas, various products are made from different parts of the palm, some of which we will mention:

  • Fruit kernels are ground in many areas and used to make a traditional bread or animal feed.
  • Palm wood is very high quality and it is used in building and making tools such as ladders and beds.
  • The large and beautiful leaves of this tree have many uses. One of the uses of these leaves is to make canopies. Gardeners need a place to rest in the grove when harvesting. That is why they make canopies from the dried leaves of date palms, which are called bower or capers. Another use of leaves is in building fences. To protect young date seedlings from cold and high temperatures and animal attacks, gardeners cover the area with palm leaves and build a fence around the seedlings. Another use of dried leaves is to use them as a free and suitable fuel in homes for cooking. Another use of date leaves is rope weaving. At the junction of the leaves with the trunk of a tree, there is a fiber called a wicker, from which gardeners weave strong ropes or special rugs for the front of the rooms when they are not working. In addition to the above, items such as baskets, mats, bird cages and fans are also made from palm leaves.

In addition to food consumption, the date product has many uses in industry. Various uses of dates in the industry including date juice, date nectar (date honey), liquid sugar, date vinegar, alcohol, soft drink extract, date colompe, date halva, date breakfast chocolate, plain date chips, flavored date chips, date dish, dates Breeze, solid date chocolate, sauce, paste, pickle, compote, marmalade, jam and animal feed, and from its core is activated carbon oil, lauryl alcohol, surfactants, palm kernel ointment (for eyelash growth) and from its waste is widely used in the composition of livestock and poultry feed.

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