Dear and esteemed companions and customers

According to the worldwide prevalence of COVID-19 , we sincerely ask God to keep you and your esteemed family away from the disease and economic impact on your business be at the minimum.

In this regard, I would like to inform you, the latest measures taken by the Payvand company, which has been taken in order to prevent the epidemic and outbreak of COVID-19.

As all governments and organizations around the world have taken action to protect the people and individuals of their organization, we at Payvand have played our part in this regard.

Due to the epidemic of corona virus or COVID-19, in this announcement, we decide to assure you that the health and safety of our colleagues, customers and our products is a high priority for us.

Our colleagues in this collection regularly evaluate the conditions and as soon as the slightest changes occur in the normal conditions of the collection, they will immediately act according to the health and notification protocols.

Our network consists of dear farmers, suppliers and trusted customers.

We regularly review our supply chain in accordance with the latest health laws and regulations. We are also in close touch with our supply chain to know their specific conditions.

Everyone who is in direct or indirect contact with Payvand company is fully educated about COVID-19 as well as the ways in which it is transmitted and prevented.

Disinfectants are prepared in the required amount and the hygienic conditions of the company’s supply chain are regularly checked out.

We have always done our best to reassure you, our constant companions, that all your products and orders to the company are prepared in a completely safe and hygienic way and will be sent to you.

We are always together and as in the past, thank you for your trust.

Best Regards

Morteza Jafari