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Dates, known in Persian as Khorma, are a rich and useful product that contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Having dark layers (especially Mazafati dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, separates dates from other fruits and nuts.

As one of the historical countries in the Middle East with a history of three thousand years, Iran has been the main producer of dates not only in Asia but also in the world. Dates can be classified into different types and names, which are used in commercial terms. For example, Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Zahedi dates, Shahani dates, Sayer dates, Kabkab dates and Barhi dates are well-known names and types of date fruits that are used all over the world. Each of the mentioned dates has its own unique shape.

Payvand Company: Supplier Of Dates

Payvand Company is one of the largest suppliers of dates in Iran. This company, having its business partners and stakeholders in different date-producing regions of Iran, is ready to supply any types of dates needed by esteemed customers. The dates produced in this company reach the buyers of this product directly from the producers and farmers. For more information, please contact the company’s sales office.

Halileh Dates

halileh dates

Halileh dates are considered as wet dates. Harvest of this product belongs to the autumn season and late October. Halileh dates are yellow and can be used both in ripening stage and in Khark and Rotab stage.

Halileh dates can be a rich source in your diet. Because these dates contain iron and other beneficial substances that can be a great substitute for foods with unnatural sugar. Moreover, this product is very energetic. While unnatural foods do not have this ability.

Many parts of Iran grow this fresh crop, but dates grown in Jahrom and Jiroft cities are of higher quality.

Halileh dates are one of the types of dates in Iran, which is known as the latest date in Iran. This product is mostly cultivated in Sistan and Baluchestan and Kerman provinces and has a wonderful and unique taste.

The shape of this product is round and yellow. Halileh dates are very popular among date consumers due to their beautiful taste and shape.

Halileh dates are sweet and very suitable. It is also a great alternative to foods with unnatural sweetness. You can use this date with milk for breakfast and with tea for evening. You can also use this product to soften the chest and relieve sore throat. You can also use Halileh dates to strengthen and maintain kidney health.

If you have back or joint pain, you can use this date to improve it. This product is also very effective for creating energy. People with anemia can also use this product, because Halileh dates contain iron, which is very effective in reducing anemia.

Payvand Company: The Largest Dates Exporter

Payvand Co. is one of the largest exporters of Iranian dates especially Halileh dates to all over the world. If you want to taste dates for the first time and know how its taste would be, we strongly propose you to buy Halileh Dates and enjoy its unique taste. For more information, please contact Payvand sales experts.

Export of Dates and Important Points In This Field

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There is a demand for dates in most parts of the world . Buyers buy dates usually weighing more than 3 kg . Dates can be offered in small packages in European markets. This requires very good packaging and compliance with food standards of buyer countries . Countries Central Asia – India – UAE are the main buyers of Iranian dates . Producers plan on processed date products because it has higher added value . Determining the price of export dates is usually determined by agreement between buyers and sellers. Iranian dates are exported to 52 countries. According to Iranian agricultural experts, about 30% of the country’s dates are exported.

Central Asian countries, Eastern Europe, Asia, North America and the Persian Gulf are among the buyers of Iranian dates. Iranian dates are popular with consumers around the world in terms of taste and can be one of the main sources of income in agriculture. Iran can still Maintain its position as the largest producer and exporter of dates in the world.

Payvand Group: The Largest Dates Supplier

Payvand Group, as the largest supplier of dates in Iran, announces its readiness for any cooperation with dear customers. This group, with its excellent experts in this field , is known as the largest exporter of dates,. Please contact the company’s sales department for more information.

Iran Rabbi Dates

iran rabbi dates

Rabbi dates are a semi-dried date that can be stored at room temperature. These dates are available in relative sizes, attractive black color and soft texture. There is another type of rabbi date that is smaller, drier and harder. Rabi date is one of the most important products of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Iranshahr, Zabol, Chabahar and Saravan have quality rabbi dates.

Rabbi dates have a high nutritional value due to their natural nutrients. The vital ingredients of this fruit are lactose and fructose, which are rich sources of natural sugar and are not harmful to those who suffer from high blood sugar. Iranian rabbi date is an appetizer that prevents from cancer of digestive system, improves gastrointestinal function, helps relieve nervous tension and treat diseases such as anemia and high fat.

Remember, if you eat a lot of dates, the date fruit will gain weight due to the large amount of sugar, which mostly contains simple sugars. Recent research has shown that dates, due to their classification in the fruit group, include all the benefits of vegetables and fruits, in addition, they have a small amount of fat and are therefore considered a low-fat nutrient.

Annually, a wide range of rabbi dates are cultivated in Saravan city and Sistan and Baluchestan province, which in addition to consumption in domestic markets, are exported to Central Asia, India and Pakistan.

The most exquisite species of dates are produced in Iran. Rabbi date is one of the best and most primitive dates in the world that grows only in Iran. This semi-dry date grows in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Payvand Company: Rabbi Dates Exporter

Payvand Group is one of the most prominent and largest exporters of dates in Iran. Payvand Company has been established in order to supply new types of dates, including pitted, fresh and dried, in Iran and abroad. Currently, this company is one of the leading companies in the export of various dates, especially Rabbi dates.

Iran Kabkab Dates

iran kabkab dates

Iran Kabkab Date is a wet date that has a semi-dry texture, is also tall, has a dark brown color. These dates are among the dates that have the highest economic value in Iran. Kabkab dates can be considered as one of the most important and abundant types of dates in the world that can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran.

Kabkab dates are one of the most consumed and delicious wet dates in the world that can be grown in most tropical cities of Iran, but most types of Iranian kabkab dates are grown in Khesht and Kamarj areas in Kazerun and Dashtestan (Borazjan).

This date is also planted in other cities with suitable conditions such as Khormuj, Behbahan, Kazerun, Jahrom and Tabas. The date palm grown in Behbahan has a sweet taste and is smaller than the Kabkab Dashtestan dates.

Kabkab dates have a soft nature and moderate humidity. Its humidity is below 18%.

Kabkab dates are yellow in the stages of Khark and Rotab (ripening process) and when ripe, their color turns dark brown.

The size of kabkab dates is about 3.5 to 4 cm.

Payvand Group: Kabkab Dates Exporter

Payvand Company is one of the most prominent and largest suppliers of dates in Iran. The main activities of the PayvandGroup are cultivation, packaging and export of dates. This company, having prominent experts in the country’s date industry, is ready to supply the types of dates needed by customers, especially kabkab dates.

Jiroft Mazafati Dates

jiroft mazafati date

Mazafati dates can be considered as one of the most delicious and hearty types of dates in the world. Especially since this date is mostly used in the form of Rotab and there are few people who do not feel very good after eating a seed of Mazafati date. This date, which has an attractive black color, has a moisture content of 15% to 35%, depending on the time of harvest from the tree and its planting location, and its seed size is usually between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Its main homeland in Iran is Bam and Jiroft in Kerman Province. Jiroft Mazafati Date is one of the best types of dates in Iran in terms of domestic market.

Payvand Company: Mazafati Dates Exporter

Payvand Company has been able to become the largest supplier of dates in Iran by using the knowledge of its experts during the past years. This company has the ability to supply all kinds of Iranian dates, especially Mazafati dates from Bam and Jiroft with the highest quality in any volume required by the customer.

Wholesale Zahedi dates

qasab dates

Zahedi date, which has another name called Qasab and this name is mostly due to the dryness of Zahedi date. In Iran, the percentage of lands where Zahedi date palm tree is grown is very high. Most of the southern lands of Iran, including: Bushehr province, Fars province, Hormozgan province, Khuzestan province are covered by Zahedi date palm tree..

Zahedi dates have many customers in domestic and foreign markets due to the large area under cultivation, its relatively low price, as well as its many properties and delicious and crunchy taste.

Zahedi dates for export to other countries must be of high quality, the good quality of Zahedi dates is clear from its color. If the color of Zahedi date is light brown or chocolate brown, it means that this date has good quality, otherwise , it means that Zahedi date is not of good quality and it can not be classified of first-class dates.

Payvand Group: Bulk distributor of Zahedi Dates

Payvand Group, the largest supplier of dates in Iran, delivers Zahedi dates in bulk and retail directly and without intermediaries to customers. Traders, importers, distributors and retailers of dates can send their requests to the company’s sales department to buy the Zahedi dates they need.

What are the properties of dates?

properties of dates

There are different types of dates and as you know, the fruit is a palm tree that is cultivated in different cities of Iran. Due to the export of dates, especially from Iran and the UAE to other countries, this fruit can be purchased in different countries.

Properties of dates

Dates are a great source of vitamins, minerals, energy and fiber. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Date Cholesterol:

Did you know that dates do not have cholesterol? And they have very low fat? If you include a number of dates in your daily diet, not only will your body cholesterol not rise but it will also help you lose weight.

Date protein:

Want to get a significant amount of protein in your body? Eat dates. They are a great and powerful source of protein that helps your fitness, as well as keeps your muscles strong. People who exercise regularly and go to the gym eat two dates a day as part of their diet.

Vitamins of dates:

Dates contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, A1 and C. Eating dates daily not only ensures your health, but also boosts your energy levels. Due to the presence of natural sugars such as glucose and fructose, they are not only harmless but also very useful.

Bone health:

Dates are very good for bones. Dates help absorb manganese, magnesium and any other nutrients needed for bone health.

Strengthen the nervous system:

The presence of potassium and a small amount of sodium in the properties of dates strengthens the nervous system. Potassium lowers cholesterol in the body and reduces the risk of stroke.

Iron absorption:

Apart from the fact that the presence of fluoride ensures the health of your teeth, the presence of iron in the list of properties of dates is also highly recommended for people with iron deficiency. It is also great for purifying the blood.
do not forget; Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pain.

Help digest food:

If you soak a few dates in water and chew them daily; You have helped a lot to improve the digestive system. Having high fiber in dates has made it advisable for people who have constipation to eat dates.

Skin improvement:

The presence of vitamins C and D in the properties of dates helps the elasticity of the skin and also softens your skin. Plus; If you suffer from skin problems, adding this fruit to your diet can help your skin quality in the long run.
This fruit has anti-aging benefits and prevents the accumulation of melanin in your body.

Summary of the properties of dates

  • All the properties of dates make it a meal for many people.
  • If children drink milk mixed with dates, they will get the energy they need during the day.
  • On the other hand, it is one of the best things that climbers use when hiking. The quality of dates depends a lot on how many you eat per day.
  • Also, the number and type of your diet can cause both weight gain and weight loss. You can use it better by consulting your doctor.

The last word

The properties of dates are very high. But it is better to consult a nutritionist to have a proper nutrition. The presence of vitamins, proteins and thousands of minerals in dates has made them popular in the world. We hope you find this article useful and share it with your friends. Do not forget that dates come in many varieties. Before buying dates, it is better to read the contents of this site.

PayvandGroup: Dates Wholesaler

Payvand Company, as the largest supplier of dates in Iran, prepares all kinds of dates in bulk and sends them to export target markets. Customers who intend to buy dates in bulk can send their request to the company’s sales office

Imports of dates in the world

import of dates

The following image (taken from shows the most importers of dates in 2019 in the world:

According to the picture above, the major importers of the world in 2019 are as follows:

ImportersValue imported in 2019 (USD thousand)Share in world imports (%)
United Arab Emirates40778521.2
United States of America682863.5
United Kingdom637823.3
Russian Federation259411.3

Graphic chart of major importers of dates:

It is necessary to mention that the statistics in this database are slightly different from what actually exists under the influence of many parameters, such as economic and political relations between countries, as well as sanctions. But in general, it shows the general view of the import of different countries in relation to the date crop, according to which the UAE is in the lead with more than 21% of imports.

Payvand Company: Iran Dates Exporter

As one of the largest exporters of dates in the world, Iran annually exports large quantities of dates to its export target countries. The countries importing Iranian dates are all over the world and are always looking for the best Iranian dates. Payvand Company, as one of the largest suppliers of dates in Iran, provides the best dates for its customers.

Export of dates in the world

export of dates

The image below (taken from shows the most dates exporting countries in the world in 2019:

According to the picture above, the main countries exporting dates and the share of their exports in the world are as follows:

ExportersValue exported in 2019 (USD thousand)Share in world exports (%)
Saudi Arabia22983311.5
United Arab Emirates21856610.9
Iran, Islamic Republic of1263296.3
United States of America745703.7
Palestine, State of293281.5

Graphic chart of major date exporters:

It is necessary to mention that the statistics in this database are slightly different from what actually exists under the influence of many parameters, such as economic and political relations between countries, as well as sanctions. But in general, it shows the general view of the amount of exports of different countries in relation to the date crop, according to which Iraq, with more than 19% of exports, is the leader in this field.

PayvandGroup: Iran Dates Supplier

Iran, as one of the largest suppliers of dates in the world, has always been considered by traders and importers. So that many countries in the world get their dates from Iran. Many companies in Iran are engaged in exporting dates. Payvand Group, as one of the most important exporters of dates in Iran, always offers the best and most quality Iranian dates to its customers around the world.