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qasab dates

Zahedi date, which has another name called Qasab and this name is mostly due to the dryness of Zahedi date. In Iran, the percentage of lands where Zahedi date palm tree is grown is very high. Most of the southern lands of Iran, including: Bushehr province, Fars province, Hormozgan province, Khuzestan province are covered by Zahedi date palm tree..

Zahedi dates have many customers in domestic and foreign markets due to the large area under cultivation, its relatively low price, as well as its many properties and delicious and crunchy taste.

Zahedi dates for export to other countries must be of high quality, the good quality of Zahedi dates is clear from its color. If the color of Zahedi date is light brown or chocolate brown, it means that this date has good quality, otherwise , it means that Zahedi date is not of good quality and it can not be classified of first-class dates.

Payvand Group: Bulk distributor of Zahedi Dates

Payvand Group, the largest supplier of dates in Iran, delivers Zahedi dates in bulk and retail directly and without intermediaries to customers. Traders, importers, distributors and retailers of dates can send their requests to the company’s sales department to buy the Zahedi dates they need.

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