Barhi Dates

barhi dates

This type of date is yellow and crunchy. This ripe date tastes like caramel and brown sugar. Like most dates, it is sweet, and well worth a try. These creamy dates are really delicious and are often sold while still on thin twigs. You can store these seasonal dates in the freezer for months. This date is originally rooted in the groves of Iraq. However, due to its unique taste and quality, it has many fans among Iranian palm growers and consumers.

Barhi dates are among the most desirable international trade cultivars whose main origin is Abadan-Khorramshahr regions in Iran.

This cultivar is one of the (soft) cultivars and its fruit shape is spherical, which can be consumed in all three stages of slicing, rotab and dates, but most of it is consumed in rotab.

Iranian Barhi dates are much better and more desirable than dates of this cultivar in other countries bordering the Persian Gulf.

Barhi dates are both fleshy, delicate and very tasty and delicious

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