Date Exports to Australia

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At present, large quantities of dates are exported to Australia annually, among which the share of Iranian date exports is very small. and countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE have this suitable market.

Iranian date export companies, traders and exporters of dates have been very active in regional markets such as date exports to Pakistan, date exports to Russia and date exports to Iraq.
Exporters are trying to find new markets, and exporting to Australia has been one of those goals.

In recent years, Iranian exporters have made efforts to export dates to Australia. But due to poor marketing and lack of proper packaging, we have not been able to obtain a good position in exports to this country. Piarom and Mazafati dates are among the types of dates exported from Iran to Australia.

Due to Iran’s weak international relations with Australia, dates are exported to Australia through intermediary countries, and Iranian traders use countries such as Malaysia and the UAE to export dates to Australia.

Payvand Company: The largest exporter of Iranian dates to Australia

Payvand Group, as one of the largest and key exporters of Iranian dates to the world, proudly announces that it is ready to cooperate fully to provide the highest quality Iranian dates for export to Australia.

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Special Dates For Ramadan

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Dates are rich in antioxidants and fiber, and their daily consumption is necessary and useful for the body of all people of all ages. The fiber in dates will prevent gastrointestinal cancer, and by eating dates daily, you will have a better excretion. There are different types of dates, one of the most popular of which is Mazafati dates. Mazafati Dates are one of the most delicious and popular types of dates in the world. By eating dates, you can lower bad cholesterol and help treat constipation, increase energy levels and keep your bones healthy. This fruit is also effective in improving the health of your heart, and the antioxidants it contains prevent atherosclerosis. By consuming dates regularly and in moderation, you will avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The holy month of Ramadan is a dear and important month in many Islamic countries. Muslims fast during this month and break their fast during Iftar. They lose a lot of energy because they avoid eating and drinking during the day. Therefore, during Iftar, it is very important to eat healthy and nutritious foods that can restore the lost energy to the body over time. Dates, as one of the most important foods recommended by nutritionists during Iftar, can provide the necessary and useful energy for the body. The highest consumption of dates in Muslim countries is during Ramadan and the most consumed date is Mazafati dates.

Payvand Group: Mazafati Dates Exporter

Payvand Group, as one of the largest suppliers of dates in Iran, always and throughout the year, sends the best quality Mazafati dates to its customers around the world. We always recommend our customers to order their Ramadan dates, according to the distance dimension, before the beginning of this month so that due to the large volume of orders and limited opportunity to supply dates, they do not encounter with a special difficulty in receiving their products

Light Mazafati Dates

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Mazafati dates are one of the most consumed and delicious types of dates in Iran as well as the world. Mazafati dates are cultivated in the tropical regions of southern Iran, including the cities of Bam, Jiroft and Saravan.These dates are very nutritious and high in calories.

Types of Mazafati dates

Mazafati dates have different quality and types based on the production area.Mazafati dates in Bam have a shiny black color and higher quality due to the suitable climate for palm growth.Bam Mazafati Rotab is famous and best-selling in the market.

The term sight seeing of date, which is used when buying and selling dates, is related to the color of dates. To buy this date, you need to pay attention to its color and the amount of date syrup. If you are going to buy dates for sale in the domestic market, usually choose heavy weights and meat dates. Export dates are usually lighter and have a higher shelf life due to less syrup.

Exporters usually prepare and export light Mazafati dates for export. This is because both in terms of storage and transportation conditions, it has more suitable and simple conditions than heavy Mazafati dates.

Payvand Company: Mazafati Dates Supplier

Producing high quality dates is always one of the most important concerns of importers and exporters of this product. Payvand Company, by employing the experts of this industry along with years of experience in the export and trade of dates, gives the assurance to its customers that they can buy the products they need from this company with peace of mind.

Price of Mazafati Dates

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Due to the increase in supply and demand at certain times of the year, the price of Mazafati dates will fluctuate.

Accordingly, it is usually the case that in the date harvest season, such as summer, due to the high production of Mazafati dates, the price reaches its best and this product can be purchased cheaper, but this flow is not necessarily always correct.

However, the amount of date production in the country is appropriate and even in other seasons, this product can be bought and sold in the required amount.

The price of export dates has always been one of the concerns of people when buying, and in this regard, the distribution of dates in the country has taken a new shape.

Of course, you should always keep in mind that price alone does not affect the quality of dates, and to prepare quality dates, in addition to the price, other parameters such as the amount of date juice, method of harvesting and collection of dates, date packaging method , The place of storage of dates, the degree of observance of hygienic points in the process of harvesting and packaging of dates, the company or individuals supplying dates and their executive records, the existence of necessary standards for dates, color and appearance of dates and date of harvest should also be considered.

Payvand Company: The Largest Dates Supplier

Payvand Company, using the knowledge of its experts and years of experience in the field of date exports, has always gone beyond providing dates for its customers, trying to be the best consultant for them in order to make the best decision to buy dates. If you are new to buying dates, we suggest that you take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of our partners in the company so that you can make the best decision for your purchase.

Jiroft Mazafati Dates

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Mazafati dates can be considered as one of the most delicious and hearty types of dates in the world. Especially since this date is mostly used in the form of Rotab and there are few people who do not feel very good after eating a seed of Mazafati date. This date, which has an attractive black color, has a moisture content of 15% to 35%, depending on the time of harvest from the tree and its planting location, and its seed size is usually between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Its main homeland in Iran is Bam and Jiroft in Kerman Province. Jiroft Mazafati Date is one of the best types of dates in Iran in terms of domestic market.

Payvand Company: Mazafati Dates Exporter

Payvand Company has been able to become the largest supplier of dates in Iran by using the knowledge of its experts during the past years. This company has the ability to supply all kinds of Iranian dates, especially Mazafati dates from Bam and Jiroft with the highest quality in any volume required by the customer.

Preservation of Mazafati dates

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Mazafati dates should be stored at a temperature that does not cause the date to rot, with proper conditions and up to date standards. In addition, the value of Mazafati dates for the body, when this date reaches the consumer; Is determined. If stored in proper conditions, dates do not lose their properties.

Many people do not even have enough time for lunch during the day due to work. Dates are a very good alternative for these people.

However, lunch is very important for human health. Unfortunately, in recent years, due to the busy schedule of people and the development of communities, many people do not have a good time for lunch due to their daily jobs.

These people can provide the right energy to continue the day by consuming a few dates. They also pay a very good price to replace their meal with dates.

Payvand Company: The Largest Dates Exporter

Payvand Company, with years of successful experience in international date trade, is one of the leading companies in Iranian date exports.

We harvest the best product from the best groves in Iran and present it to the esteemed customer anywhere in the world, observing the highest standard according to your needs.

Bam Mazafati dates

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Bam Mazafati dates attributed to Bam City Dates or Bam Mazafati Rotab are one of the products of Iranian dates. This type of date is not considered as a dried fruit due to its high humidity. Storage conditions are at a temperature between -5 to +5 degrees Celsius. Bam Mazafati dates have black, shiny, thin and smooth skin.

The moist skin of Bam Mazafati Rotab is easily detachable. Bam Mazafati dates have a lot of juice.

How to determine the quality of this type of date?

Do this to determine the quality of this date. The higher the juice content of a date, the higher the quality of Bam Mazafati dates.

The weight of each mother carton of Bam Mazafati date, due to its high juice, is more than 10 kg. Due to its high potassium content, Bam Mazafati dates are useful for treating diarrhea. The point that should be considered when using dates is that they must be washed well before consumption. Because the juice that is placed on the skin of the date becomes sticky, which causes it to absorb any kind of pollution.

Payvand Group: The largest exporter of Bam Mazafati Dates

Preparing high quality dates is always the concern of many customers of this product. Payvand Group, as the largest supplier of Mazafati dates, is ready to always provide the best Mazafati dates for its customers throughout the year.

Characteristics of quality Mazafati dates

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Mazafati date is one of the soft date cultivars. This date, like other types of dates, is harvested with different quality grades. First-class Mazafati dates, which are mostly used for export, must have a series of characteristics.

Some characteristics of high quality dates include:

  • Be moist and juicy
  • Its skin is not detached
  • Be large and fleshy
  • Its color should be completely black

Which province has higher quality Mazafati dates?

Dates are one of the tropical crops harvested in the southern regions of Iran.
Most of Mazafati dates are harvested in Kerman province in Jiroft and Bam cities.

Bam city is one of the largest producers of Mazafati dates that many people know this product as Bam dates. The highest quality sample of Mazafati dates can be found in Bam city, which has taken a large share of exports.

As a result, Bam Mazafati dates are one of the best examples of Mazafati dates in Iran, which are usually used for export.

Refrigerated containers must be used to export first-class Mazafati dates. They must also be stored in the cold store at the customs warehouse of origin and destination. Otherwise, Mazafati dates will rot. Many exporters prefer to use lightweight Mazafati dates that do not have syrup for export (Donam dates) that do not face such problems.

Payvand Group: Bulk distributor of Mazafati Dates

Payvand Group, as the largest distributor of Mazafati dates in Iran, provides the best and most quality Mazafati dates for its customers. For information on the latest price of dates, contact the company’s sales experts.

What is the difference between Rotab and Dates?

What is the difference between Rotab and Dates?

Dates are ripe and full in four consecutive stages and can be consumed normally. The third stage of these stages is called Rotab. At this stage, the moisture of the product is high and its sugar is low.

Many people think that Rotab is the same as Dates. But there are differences between the two. The ripening process of date fruit has four stages. During these stages, changes in color, taste and size occur. At first, it is hard and green in color, the taste of which is bitter and slightly astringent. Over time, its moisture content decreases and its sugars increase until it is finally ripe. Rotab is the stage before dates that have more moisture and less sugar. Rotab of some types of dates has a good oral consumption. In the ripe date stage, its texture hardens and its moisture is minimized. The color of ripe dates is completely brown to black. At this time, the date has high fructose and glucose and low sucrose. Its texture is uniform and sometimes wrinkled.

PayvandGroup: Mazafati Dates Seller

Payvand Group, as one of the largest companies supplying dates in Iran, is ready to provide a variety of Iranian dates, especially Mazafati dates in bulk or retail, for its customers with the highest quality.

Exporting Mazafati Dates

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Do this to determine the quality of this date. The higher the juice content of a date, the higher the quality and grade of Mazafati dates. This type of date is not considered as a dried fruit and nuts due to its high humidity. These dates are soft dates. Bam Mazafati dates are in great demand both domestically and internationally. Therefore,exporting Mazafati dates is very important for traders and exporters.

The size of the good type of this date is between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Mazafati dates are the most famous type of dates in Iran and of course in the world. Sometimes they mistakenly use the word Rotab for it. In fact, Rotab is the fresh fruit of the palm tree. Dried Rotab is date.

The color of this date usually tends to dark purple and black. These dates are also available in brown and dark brown. Because this date is red in the first stage of ripening and turns black as it grows.

Payvand Group: Mazafati Dates Supplier

Payvand Group, as one of the companies active in the field of supply and export of Iranian dates, is ready to offer the best products, especially Mazafati dates, to its customers.