Price of Mazafati Dates

mazafati dates price

Due to the increase in supply and demand at certain times of the year, the price of Mazafati dates will fluctuate.

Accordingly, it is usually the case that in the date harvest season, such as summer, due to the high production of Mazafati dates, the price reaches its best and this product can be purchased cheaper, but this flow is not necessarily always correct.

However, the amount of date production in the country is appropriate and even in other seasons, this product can be bought and sold in the required amount.

The price of export dates has always been one of the concerns of people when buying, and in this regard, the distribution of dates in the country has taken a new shape.

Of course, you should always keep in mind that price alone does not affect the quality of dates, and to prepare quality dates, in addition to the price, other parameters such as the amount of date juice, method of harvesting and collection of dates, date packaging method , The place of storage of dates, the degree of observance of hygienic points in the process of harvesting and packaging of dates, the company or individuals supplying dates and their executive records, the existence of necessary standards for dates, color and appearance of dates and date of harvest should also be considered.

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