Quality of Khuzestan dates 2021

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Estimates show that this year 80% of the dates produced in Khuzestan are first grade, 13% second grade and only 7% third grade. The desired quality of dates produced in Khuzestan will definitely play a special role in its marketability for export.

Khuzestan ranks second in the level and production of dates and also in the first rank in the country’s date exports.

It is predicted that this year, 235 thousand tons of date palms, including 55 thousand tons of Khark and Rotab and 180 thousand tons of dates will be harvested from the fertile palms of the province.

According to what is predicted, 85,000 tons of dates harvested from the province’s date palms are export dates. These dates will be purchased by private sector and date exporters and then exported.

The highest amount of dates harvested from the palm trees of the province is Sayer and then Barhi.

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Imports of dates in the world

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The following image (taken from trademap.org) shows the most importers of dates in 2019 in the world:

According to the picture above, the major importers of the world in 2019 are as follows:

ImportersValue imported in 2019 (USD thousand)Share in world imports (%)
United Arab Emirates40778521.2
United States of America682863.5
United Kingdom637823.3
Russian Federation259411.3

Graphic chart of major importers of dates:

It is necessary to mention that the statistics in this database are slightly different from what actually exists under the influence of many parameters, such as economic and political relations between countries, as well as sanctions. But in general, it shows the general view of the import of different countries in relation to the date crop, according to which the UAE is in the lead with more than 21% of imports.

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Exporting Kabkab Dates

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Kabkab dates are one of the most important dates in the country and have a lot of production. Behbahan and Dashtestan kabkab dates are usually famous and many people prefer kabkab dates from these two regions to other places. Dates produced in Iran have both many fans and are very popular in the world. The reason for this popularity is the very good taste, high quality and reasonable price of dates. Exporting Kabkab dates is very important for Iranian traders because of its global fans.

Kabkab dates are one of the most important types of dates in Iran, which is in a special position in terms of economy and export. Every year, a large amount of currency enters Iran to sell these dates to neighboring countries, the United States, Europe and Africa.

Kabkab dates are generally eaten as Rutab. This date is oval and is considered one of the semi-dry or wet dates in Iran. Due to the high production in the country, kabkab dates have a reasonable price, which makes them have many customers.

The color of the fruit is yellow in the Khark stage and light brown and burnt brown in the wet stage, and it becomes dark brown when fully ripe. It is mostly consumed in the form of Rutab and dates.

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How Many Dates Should You Eat a Day?

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It is ideal to have 100 g of dates every day to get all the essential nutrients. Though the quantity to be consumed may differ from person to person based on underlying health conditions and calorie needs . You may refer to a nutritionist to know how many dates you need to eat every day. A 100 g serving of dates on average contains:

  • Calories: 314 kcal
  • Protein: 2.14 gram
  • Fat: 0.38 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 80.6 grams
  • Fiber: 6.7 grams
  • Sugar: 66 grams

Apart from minerals and vitamins, dates are the best source of antioxidants. Also they are rich in a trace mineral called selenium that may decrease the risk of bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

What are the health benefits of having dates every day?

Substituting your evening snacks with dates has numerous advantages because it is loaded with dietary fibers and packed with vitamins and minerals. Some health benefits of dates include:

  • Low glycemic index: As dates are high in fructose, the dates are naturally sweet. Dates have a low glycemic index; hence, it relatively has a mild impact on blood sugar level. Foods with a low glycemic index cause less increase in blood sugar levels. So they are suitable for patients with diabetes.
  • Lowers the risk of heart disease: Dates are high in dietary fibers, which helps to reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol. Dietary fibers tend to bind with cholesterol and prevent its absorption into the bloodstream. So, the fatty deposition in the arteries is prevented, reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • Healthy digestion:Because of high soluble and insoluble fiber content, dates are ideal for healthy digestion. Dates may prevent:
    • Constipation
    • Inflammation of the digestive tract
  • Nervous system support: As dates have high potassium content, they have played a vital role in controlling:
    • Heart rate
    • Breathing function
    • Muscular function
  • Improved metabolism: Dates are rich in B vitamins, such as:
    • Pantothenic acid
    • Folate
    • Niacin
  • These vitamins improve the metabolic processes, thus reducing tiredness and fatigue. 
  • Aids in weight management: As dates help in lowering blood sugar levels, it is useful in weight management.
  • Regulates blood pressure: Potassium existed in dates is essential to excrete sodium out of the body. Therefore, potassium regulates blood pressure by eliminating sodium from the body. Potassium is also needed for the heart to beat properly.
  • Prevents anemia: Dates are rich in iron that is vital for the production of red blood cells. Higher red blood cell productions reduce the chances of anemia.

What are the side effects of consuming dates?

The side effects of consuming dates include:

  • Weight gain: Dates, if consumed in excess, can lead to weight gain due to high caloric content. So, it is essential to consume dates in moderation.
  • Kidney disease: Patients who have kidney disease should follow caution while having dates. Consult a doctor regarding the amount of potassium to be taken every day.
  • Allergies: Dried dates often contain sulfites that may trigger allergies. Monitor for these symptoms after having dried dates:
    • Stomach pain
    • Bloating
    • Diarrhea
    • Skin rash

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Shahani dates

خرما شاهانی

Shahani dates are one of the most famous types of dates produced in Iran.

Due to the popularity of Iranian dates in the world and also the high quality of Shahani dates, this date has gained many fans in the world.

A large share of dates exported from Iran is the Shahani dates.

Shahani dates are also one of the luxury dates for export and have many foreign customers

This date is elongated and has a narrow tip.

The birthplace of Shanai dates is in southern Iran, Fars and Hormozgan provinces. Jahrom city is also the main place for cultivating Shahani dates. Although this date is also cultivated in Hormozgan province, but many buyers of dates like Jahrom Shahani .

Types of Shahani dates

These dates are both soft and dry dates. In fact, dates are eaten both softly and dryly. This date is one of the very sweet dates that is available in two types of first grade and second grade. One of the factors that differentiates between first and second degree is actually the size of the date. Higher and taller dates with high quality are considered first-class dates

Characteristics of Shahani dates

This date has more sweetness than other dates. Also, the flesh and skin of this date are completely separated and its color is light brown when fully ripe. This date has a lighter color than other dates. Shahani dates are also often eaten as a tasty snack.

The harvest time of Shahani dates is September and many buyers travel to Jahrom to buy these dates.

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date nutrition facts

Properties and characteristics of date

خواص خرما

The beneficial properties of dates, which have been discovered by most researchers today, have made this small fruit replace many other harmful substances such as sugar. It is interesting to know that about 50% of its fruit production is consumed only in the country (Iran), that is, the major part of the properties of dates is also used by our own people. Dates are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E and other nutrients such as protein, fat, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and niacin. Therefore, it is recommended to consume about 2 to 3 dates a day so that you can absorb the vitamins your body needs from this fruit

  1. It is interesting to know that dates are one of the main units of the fruit pyramid and eating it is always recommended.
  2. It is the best alternative to sugar because it has less energy than it. In fact, there are 125 kcal of energy in 100 grams of dates, but in the same amount of sugar, there are 400 kcal of energy. Therefore, proper consumption of dates is less likely to cause weight gain in people, and especially for people who want to lose weight, the use of this fruit is highly recommended
  3. For people with digestive problems, eating dates is recommended. Dates, because of their vitamins, are an excellent nutrient for improving the digestive system and its diseases such as constipation and digestive problems. Eating dates also helps prevent bowel cancer and hemorrhoids
  4. Vitamin B6 is a great alternative for boosting memory
  5. Potassium is also good for people with high blood pressure. It is also recommended for people with mental illness due to its magnesium content. Phosphorus in dates also strengthens and keeps nerve cells alive
  6. Due to its inhibitory effects (and of course less sugar) it is one of the factors preventing tooth decay
  7. Dates are also used as a pain reliever and are more recommended for pregnant women who are about to give birth
  8. Dates contain folate or folic acid, which is a blood-forming substance found in dates. Hence, it is considered a hematopoietic fruit
  9. Consumption of soaked dates in the morning (which of course should be soaked in water the night before) is also recommended for people with weak hearts
  10. Dates are good for iron deficiency and are a strong evening for athletes, which is often recommended to be consumed with milk. Also, eating dates causes weight loss, suitable for stomach cancer, controls diarrhea, etc

The properties and benefits of dates are so great that talking about its full properties is beyond the scope of this discussion; But by no means should you overeat dates.

Excessive consumption of dates can cause:

  • Damage to the liver and spleen
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Tooth Decay
  • It is not recommended for people with diabetes; Because it has more sugar for high consumption.
  • Due to its hot nature, it may cause mouth sores and itching.
  • For people with diabetes, it is recommended to eat only a maximum of two dates a day.
  • More severe herpes
  • Exacerbation of blisters

Palm tree:

An old Arabic proverb says: The benefits of a palm tree are equal to the number of days in the year. This proverb shows that humans have used this tree in various ways for many years. Today, in the fertile areas, various products are made from different parts of the palm, some of which we will mention:

  • Fruit kernels are ground in many areas and used to make a traditional bread or animal feed.
  • Palm wood is very high quality and it is used in building and making tools such as ladders and beds.
  • The large and beautiful leaves of this tree have many uses. One of the uses of these leaves is to make canopies. Gardeners need a place to rest in the grove when harvesting. That is why they make canopies from the dried leaves of date palms, which are called bower or capers. Another use of leaves is in building fences. To protect young date seedlings from cold and high temperatures and animal attacks, gardeners cover the area with palm leaves and build a fence around the seedlings. Another use of dried leaves is to use them as a free and suitable fuel in homes for cooking. Another use of date leaves is rope weaving. At the junction of the leaves with the trunk of a tree, there is a fiber called a wicker, from which gardeners weave strong ropes or special rugs for the front of the rooms when they are not working. In addition to the above, items such as baskets, mats, bird cages and fans are also made from palm leaves.

In addition to food consumption, the date product has many uses in industry. Various uses of dates in the industry including date juice, date nectar (date honey), liquid sugar, date vinegar, alcohol, soft drink extract, date colompe, date halva, date breakfast chocolate, plain date chips, flavored date chips, date dish, dates Breeze, solid date chocolate, sauce, paste, pickle, compote, marmalade, jam and animal feed, and from its core is activated carbon oil, lauryl alcohol, surfactants, palm kernel ointment (for eyelash growth) and from its waste is widely used in the composition of livestock and poultry feed.

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