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Dates, known in Persian as Khorma, are a rich and useful product that contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Having dark layers (especially Mazafati dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, separates dates from other fruits and nuts.

As one of the historical countries in the Middle East with a history of three thousand years, Iran has been the main producer of dates not only in Asia but also in the world. Dates can be classified into different types and names, which are used in commercial terms. For example, Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Zahedi dates, Shahani dates, Sayer dates, Kabkab dates and Barhi dates are well-known names and types of date fruits that are used all over the world. Each of the mentioned dates has its own unique shape.

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Export Dates To India

dates exporter to India

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the second most populous country in the world after China. The large population of India has made this country one of the most prosperous markets in Asia, so that a very high amount of goods are exported annually from Iran to India, the most important of which are the export of dates to India.

With more than 200 million Muslims, India is one of the major consumer markets for dates in Asia which is one of the most obvious potentials for exporting dates to India during the holy month of Ramadan.

India is the largest buyer of Iranian dates and very large quantities of Iranian dates are exported to India annually.

The most important types of dates exported from Iran to India are Mazafati dates, Zahedi dates and Shahani dates. Meanwhile, Piarom dates have the lowest export of dates to India.

Due to the low income of the Indian people and the use of dates as food, Shahani dates are among the types of dates that have a very good market in India due to their cheapness.

Payvand Company: Dates Exporter to India

Many Indian traders are concerned about the supply of dates they need. Therefore, they are always looking for suppliers who can supply the dates they need throughout the year with uniform quality. Payvand Company, with many years of experience in the field of trade and export of dates, has provided these conditions for them. For more information, please contact the company’s sales department

Sale of export dates

dates exporter

Export dates are sold as bulk and retail in date supply companies

Export dates refers to a group of date products that are produced in the palm orchards of Iran and supplied and exported to countries outside Iran. The date cultivars of Iran are so diverse that we can count up to several dozen different types of dates. But a bunch of dates are mass-produced, which indicates the greater demand for these dates.

Some date cultivars have more sales than other date cultivars due to the type of demand they have in domestic and foreign markets. The best-selling varieties of dates in Iran are packaged in special packages for supply and distribution in foreign markets, and several thousand tons of these products are sent to the applicant countries annually.

Some export varieties of dates such as Mazafati, Piarom, Zahedi, Rabbi, Kabkab, Barhi, Shahani, Sayer are among the best-selling varieties of Iranian dates to foreign countries. The sale of dates in the producing cities takes place during the harvest season, and buyers prepare this product to invest and use it to supply the domestic and foreign markets throughout the year.

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Exporting Shahani Dates

shahani dates

Although Shahani Dates are cultivated in various cities in Iran, but its main origin is in the south of Iran and Fars province, especially Jahrom city. Almost 95% of the date palms that are planted and cultivated in Jahrom are from these dates. Shahani dates are considered as wet dates, which are also harvested semi-wet and dry.

This date has a lot of sweetness and has a high nutritional value for it and is considered one of the best-selling dates in Iran. Sometimes these dates are consumed as khark. The fruit is elongated and has a narrow tip and its color is light brown.

The main market of this date is in Iran and neighboring Arab countries and sometimes this product is exported to American and European countries. This type of date has a soft and moist texture and is used to prepare date juice.

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Shahani dates

خرما شاهانی

Shahani dates are one of the most famous types of dates produced in Iran.

Due to the popularity of Iranian dates in the world and also the high quality of Shahani dates, this date has gained many fans in the world.

A large share of dates exported from Iran is the Shahani dates.

Shahani dates are also one of the luxury dates for export and have many foreign customers

This date is elongated and has a narrow tip.

The birthplace of Shanai dates is in southern Iran, Fars and Hormozgan provinces. Jahrom city is also the main place for cultivating Shahani dates. Although this date is also cultivated in Hormozgan province, but many buyers of dates like Jahrom Shahani .

Types of Shahani dates

These dates are both soft and dry dates. In fact, dates are eaten both softly and dryly. This date is one of the very sweet dates that is available in two types of first grade and second grade. One of the factors that differentiates between first and second degree is actually the size of the date. Higher and taller dates with high quality are considered first-class dates

Characteristics of Shahani dates

This date has more sweetness than other dates. Also, the flesh and skin of this date are completely separated and its color is light brown when fully ripe. This date has a lighter color than other dates. Shahani dates are also often eaten as a tasty snack.

The harvest time of Shahani dates is September and many buyers travel to Jahrom to buy these dates.

PayvandGroup: Supplier of Dates

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Iranian date cultivars

Iranian date cultivars

Below you can see the most important types of dates in Iran:

Native cultivars of dates in Sistan va Baluchestan Province, Iran:

Mazafati(Mozafati), Rabbi, Shekari, Halileh, kalooteh (Kaliteh), Kalagi etc

Native cultivars of dates in Fars Province, Iran:

Shahani, Zahedi(Qasab), Kabkab, Piarom, Medjool, Halileh etc

Native cultivars of dates in Bushehr Province, Iran:

Zahedi(Qasab), Kabkab, Haj Bagheri, Khasouyi, etc

Native cultivars of dates in Hormozgan Province, Iran:

Piarom, Mordasang, Mazafati, Khasouyi, Halileh etc

Native cultivars of dates in Khouzestan Province, Iran:

Zahedi (Qasab), Deyri, Khazravi, Sayer(Sair), Kabkab etc

Native cultivars of dates in Kerman Province, Iran:

Mazafati, Keroot, Rabbi, Kalooteh(Kaliteh), Shekari, Khazravi, Shahani, Zahedi, Mordasang etc

PayvandGroup: Dates Supplier

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