Shahani dates

Shahani dates are one of the most famous types of dates produced in Iran.

Due to the popularity of Iranian dates in the world and also the high quality of Shahani dates, this date has gained many fans in the world.

A large share of dates exported from Iran is the Shahani dates.

Shahani dates are also one of the luxury dates for export and have many foreign customers

This date is elongated and has a narrow tip.

The birthplace of Shanai dates is in southern Iran, Fars and Hormozgan provinces. Jahrom city is also the main place for cultivating Shahani dates. Although this date is also cultivated in Hormozgan province, but many buyers of dates like Jahrom Shahani .

Types of Shahani dates

These dates are both soft and dry dates. In fact, dates are eaten both softly and dryly. This date is one of the very sweet dates that is available in two types of first grade and second grade. One of the factors that differentiates between first and second degree is actually the size of the date. Higher and taller dates with high quality are considered first-class dates

Characteristics of Shahani dates

This date has more sweetness than other dates. Also, the flesh and skin of this date are completely separated and its color is light brown when fully ripe. This date has a lighter color than other dates. Shahani dates are also often eaten as a tasty snack.

The harvest time of Shahani dates is September and many buyers travel to Jahrom to buy these dates.

Shahani date harvest season:

The Shahani Date harvest season is autumn.

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