Quality of Khuzestan dates 2021

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Estimates show that this year 80% of the dates produced in Khuzestan are first grade, 13% second grade and only 7% third grade. The desired quality of dates produced in Khuzestan will definitely play a special role in its marketability for export.

Khuzestan ranks second in the level and production of dates and also in the first rank in the country’s date exports.

It is predicted that this year, 235 thousand tons of date palms, including 55 thousand tons of Khark and Rotab and 180 thousand tons of dates will be harvested from the fertile palms of the province.

According to what is predicted, 85,000 tons of dates harvested from the province’s date palms are export dates. These dates will be purchased by private sector and date exporters and then exported.

The highest amount of dates harvested from the palm trees of the province is Sayer and then Barhi.

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Chopped Sayer date

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Sayer dates are chopped into small cubes for various uses and flour of Soya or rice is added to reduce stickiness. This product is used for direct consumption in snacks, cereals, cooked products or in medicine and industry.

There are two examples of chopped Sair dates:

1- Chopped Sair dates, 4mm * 8mm

2- Chopped Sair dates, 8mm * 12mm

This product is in 5 kg and 10 kg packages. Other packages can be prepared according to customer’s request.

The moisture level of chopped dates is about 15%.

Payvand Company: Supplier of Sayer Dates

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Khuzestan Stamaran Dates

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Iran is prone to the growth of date palm groves in most areas due to its hot and dry climate. One of the date-producing provinces of the country is Khuzestan province, which is cultivated in different regions such as Shadegan, Karun, Ahvaz.

This province is one of the most important and valuable regions of the country in date production. There are 75 types of cultivable cultivars in Khuzestan. The important types of dates with different qualities in Khuzestan are mentioned below:

  • Stamaran dates (or Sayer Dates – Sair Dates – Estamaran Dates)
  • Zahedi Dates (or Zahidi Dates – Qasab Dates)
  • Barhi Dates

Each of these dates has a different quality and taste, which can be introduced to the appropriate variety by considering the taste and needs of customers around the world.

Sayer Dates or Stamaran Dates

As mentioned, Shadegan is one of the areas under the cultivation of Sayer dates. This region is one of the major production centers of Sayer dates with more than 57,000 hectares of groves.

According to forecasts, more than 100,000 tons of dates have been harvested from Shadegan region this year

Sayer dates are introduced for export on a per-pound basis. The best figures to introduce to the global market especially Europe and Russia are dates with less than 100 numbers per pound, which includes Super Select, Select and and B-grade .

Payvand Group: Stamaran Dates Supplier

Export of Sair dates (Sayer dates) is another honor of Payvand Group in the field of trade with other countries. The introduction of Stamaran packaged dates to the countries of the world, especially Europe and Russia, has been able to bring a lot of currency to the country. To order Sayer dates, please contact the company’s sales department.

Selling Sayer Dates

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Sayer dates, also known as Sair dates or Sameran dates or Estameran dates, is a type of semi-dried date with a dark brown color from Khusestan province. Sayer dates are the most popular date in Iran, accounting for 42% of the total amount of dates exported from Iran. Sair dates have different grades, which are defined by the size of the fruit in two forms, pitted and un-pitted. Chopped dates are also obtained from Sayer dates.

Available grades of Sayer dates: (for both pitted and up-pitted)

  • FAQ
  • GAQ
  • B-Grade
  • Select
  • Super Select

Depending on the customer’s demand, each of the above varieties is selected, which shows the number of Sair dates per pound in weight.


Normally, we pack Sayer date products in 10 kg, 15 kg, 1 kg and 500 g.Other packages are made according to customers’ orders

Storage :

You can store Sair dates at room temperature for several months or in the refrigerator for up to a year.

Payvand Company: Wholesale Of Sayer Dates

Payvand Company, with years of experience and expertise in the field of Iranian dates exports, sells Sair dates directly from Khuzestan groves to all over the world. The company can also make other types of packaging of Sayer dates according to customer needs in smaller weights. For more information, please contact the company’s sales department.

Dried Dates

dried dates

Dates are classified into four groups in terms of moisture: Rotab, soft dates, semi-dried dates and dried dates. Accordingly, a date with a water content of less than 15% is called a dried date. Because the moisture content of these dates is lower, they spoil later than other dates; Dried dates can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 years. Dried dates have many types and properties, the most important of which are discussed below.

Types of dried dates

Dried date cultivation is done in many groves of the country. Therefore, there are different types of it; But some dried date cultivars are known only among the natives of the region. The most famous dried dates in Iran include the following:

1- Rabbi Dates

2- Zahidi Dates

3- Piarom Dates

4- Sayer Dates

Nutritional value of dried dates

According to nutrition experts, the nutritional value and nutrients found in dried dates and fresh dates are about the same; Therefore, it can be said that dried dates are a great source of a variety of vitamins such as A, B and C and the elements of flora, iron, zinc, potassium and manganese, as well as rich in carbohydrates and protein. Also, the presence of 50% glucose and 25% sucrose in each date seed has caused this fruit to contain large amounts of energy.

In contrast, dried dates have more calories than fresh dates. Also, the fiber in dried dates is more than fresh dates.

Amazing properties of dried dates

Given that the nutrients in dried dates and fresh dates are similar, it can be said that they have similar benefits and properties.

Of course, more calories in dried dates cause it to be more energetic than fresh dates and create a feeling of satiety in a smaller number; Therefore, people who want to lose weight, it is always recommended to use dried dates between meals.

Other benefits of dried dates can be explored in several ways.

Dried dates improve the heart

Studies have shown that potassium and isoflavones of dates are very effective in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dates also have no cholesterol and its consumption reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, which greatly reduces heart attacks.

Dried dates heal eyesight

Vitamin A in dates has an effective role in increasing eye vision and preventing vision diseases; In traditional medicine, dates were used as antimony. Dried dates also prevent night blindness.

Dried dates are a strong medicine of the gastrointestinal tract

One of the amazing properties of dried dates is the treatment of many disorders and problems related to the gastrointestinal tract. These benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Laxative of dried dates reduces the effects of constipation and indigestion. To be more effective, it is better to soak the dates the night before.
  • Dates contain soluble and insoluble fiber along with many amino acids that help digest food.
  • Date nicotine compounds eliminate intestinal disorders.
  • Consumption of dates continuously reduces the growth of harmful organisms and increases the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Potassium and dried date fiber help a lot in treating diarrhea.
  • Research shows that dried dates with their many properties have an effective role in preventing gastric cancer and its effects.

Dried dates restore sexual power

Dates with milk, honey and cardamom are a miraculous combination for sexual potency and infertility in men. Estradiol and flavonoids in dates increase fertility in women by increasing ovum weight and sperm volume in men.

Dried dates cure osteoporosis

Copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium and vitamin K are the most important elements that play a key role in strengthening bones. Since dates are a reservoir of these substances, it ensures bone health and prevents related diseases such as osteoporosis.

Dried dates are a natural iron supplement

The dark color of most dates indicates the abundance of iron in it; Therefore, its continuous use prevents anemia and for patients with it, eliminates the effects of anemia such as lethargy and gives extra energy to their body.

Dried dates are energizing

The abundant sugar of dates has turned it into an energy mine. Athletes and those who suffer from excessive tiredness during the day, eating dried dates can keep them from sluggishness and fatigue.

Other properties of dried dates

The benefits of consuming dates are so great that they can not be mentioned in this article. Hearing enhancement, increasing muscle growth, preventing fatty liver, treating colds and sore throats, regulating blood sugar, reducing pregnancy complications, fetal weight gain and many more are just a few of the amazing properties of dried dates.

Payvand Group: Iranian Dates Exporter

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Dates, known in Persian as Khorma, are a rich and useful product that contains a variety of minerals and vitamins. Having dark layers (especially Mazafati dates), sweet taste, enriched syrup, separates dates from other fruits and nuts.

As one of the historical countries in the Middle East with a history of three thousand years, Iran has been the main producer of dates not only in Asia but also in the world. Dates can be classified into different types and names, which are used in commercial terms. For example, Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, Zahedi dates, Shahani dates, Sayer dates, Kabkab dates and Barhi dates are well-known names and types of date fruits that are used all over the world. Each of the mentioned dates has its own unique shape.

Payvand Company: Supplier Of Dates

Payvand Company is one of the largest suppliers of dates in Iran. This company, having its business partners and stakeholders in different date-producing regions of Iran, is ready to supply any types of dates needed by esteemed customers. The dates produced in this company reach the buyers of this product directly from the producers and farmers. For more information, please contact the company’s sales office.

Date Paste

date paste

Date paste is a semi-solid compound that is prepared first by kerneling the best and highest quality dates. Then the shell is separated from the dates, crushed and uniform, and after adjusting the moisture content of the product, it is offered as date paste.

This product is ground and kept as a paste after controlling the moisture content, which should be between 20 and 26%.

Date Paste is obtained by industrial and semi-industrial methods, from different date cultivars, after performing a work process as follows:

  • Disinfect
  • Grading
  • Humidity adjustment
  • Caping
  • kerneling
  • Waste removal
  • Pasteurization
  • Chopping
  • Homogenize raw materials
  • Add emulsifier
  • Final homogenization
  • Sanitary packaging

Some dates such as Kabkab dates, Shahani dates, Mazafati dates and Sayer dates are converted into date dough by special machines after the above steps.

Date paste is a processed product made from dates without any artificial additives, preservatives or unnatural ingredients. This product is very tasty, has a soft and uniform texture, tan color and is completely pasteurized.

Black paste is made from black dates and brown paste is made from yellow and brown dates. You can also add other natural ingredients such as: sesame, hazelnut, pistachio kernel, almond kernel, walnut kernel, etc. to it to have different flavors and, of course, more properties.

This product, as one of the important products produced from dates, has found many applications in the food industry today and can be a very good alternative to various types of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is also a very nutritious substance that can be eaten not only as breakfast and dinner, but also as a condiment or marmalade to produce sweets, cakes and even to cook some foods.

Its industrial uses include confectionery, baking cakes and chocolates, biscuit and muffin making industries, special kitchen industries for baking halva, confectioneries that produce pancakes, chocolates, truffles, and other sweet products. , Dairy and ice cream industries and so on.

Payvand Company: Paste Date Producer

Payvand date paste is made from the best dates and due to low humidity, it has a high shelf life under normal conditions and can be stored out of the refrigerator for one year. This product, due to its easy formability, can be packaged in the desired cartons and containers. It can also be stored in containers made of polymeric materials, and aluminum sheets allowed for food.

Payvand Company as the largest supplier of Iranian dates, Exports the best and highest quality Iranian dates and its products to all over the world.

Sair Dates

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Sair dates, also known as Stamaran dates, are one of the most famous Iranian dates, accounting for about 40% of total date exports. This type of date is very popular in most countries due to its high sugar content (above 75%) and low cellulose. Semi-dry texture, pleasant black-brown color, delicious flavor and good source of iron and potassium, and rich in minerals and antioxidants, all help us to choose Sayer dates as a healthy snack.

Types of Sayer dates:

Iranian Sayer dates are classified into the following grades according to diameter and size:

FAQ, GAQ, B-Grade, Select, Super Select in Pitted or Un-Pitted:

Target Fruit Count (pitted)Target Fruit Count (un-pitted)Grade
Max.75/LBMax.65/LBSuper Select
 Smaller Sizes, No Specific Count/LBFAQ

Sair dates are high in nutrients and cellulose. This date is semi-dry at harvest time and its humidity is less than 17%, so it is possible to store dates for more than a year in a tropical environment without freezing! Sayer dates can be quickly dissolved in water due to their semi-dry nature.

It should be noted that dates in Khuzestan province, especially Stamran dates are free of pesticides and chemicals and are completely organic! These dates contain about 70% of the palms of Khuzestan province. The fruit is oval and sometimes inclined rectangular.

Payvand Company: Sayer Dates Supplier

Payvand Company always offers high quality products and the most desirable services to its customers. We believe that quality is as important as service. Payvand Group, as the largest supplier of dates in Iran, sends the Sayer dates of Iran with the best quality to esteemed customers all over the world. For more information, please contact the company’s sales department.

Exporting Sayer Dates

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Sayer dates, or Sair Dates, are one of the most popular and best-selling date products in Iran. Sayer dates are mainly grown in Khuzestan and southern cities of Iran. This date is very high in sugar and is one of the sweetest types of dates. The distinctive feature of this type of date is its thick skin.

This product is one of the major dates for export that has many exports to Europe. The color of this date is dark brown, sometimes blackish and red. The main customers of Sair dates are European and North American countries including Russia, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. This date has many fans in these countries. Therefore, the supply and export of Sayer dates is very important

One of the reasons for the popularity of this date in other countries is its high sugar content and low cellulose. Shadegan City is one of the cities where Sayer dates are widely cultivated and the quality of this type of date is very high.

Payvand Company: Sayer Dates Supplier

Payvand Company is one of the main suppliers of dates in Iran, especially Sair dates. Dear customers, you can buy the product you need at the best price and quality in bulk and retail pack from this center.