Rabbi Dates

Rabbi Dates is one of the most famous dates in Sistan and Baluchestan province. in Iran.

It can be said that Rabbi dates are specific to this province and are cultivated in several cities, including: Chabahar, Saravan, Iranshahr, Zabol and Khash.

In terms of quality, the best type of Rabbi dates are cultivated in Saravan region and have a high quality.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of industrial processing and packaging workshops in the region, most of Rabbi dates are exported in bulk to Pakistan.

There, after simple packaging, it is presented to world markets, which are sometimes known as Pakistani dates.

Some of the produced Rabbi dates are sent to neighboring provinces to be packaged and exported (including Kerman).

Rabbi dates have large red, blackish fruits and shiny, clear and thin skin.

Due to low humidity, Rabbi dates are considered to be dates with high shelf life, and this has caused them not to face problems such as the need for refrigeration in the export discussion.

Rabbi is one of the most unknown dates in the country. Perhaps one of the most important factors in keeping these dates unknown is the lack of marketing and distribution in the provinces of the country. Rabbi has a special taste with meat and skin sticking together. Consumers of these dates are a special group of people and may be the same small percentage who know this date.

Rabbi date harvest season:

Generally, the harvest of these dates is done in the middle of September, which sometimes lasts until the beginning of October.

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