Zahidi Dates

zahidi dates

Zahidi dates are exported to different European and Asian countries.

Zahedi (Zahidi) or Qasab dates are among the dried dates of Iran and in areas such as Qirokarzin city you can find the best and most quality Zahedi dates in the world.

Zahedi dates are grown in Bushehr province, south of Fars, as well as in Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces, and as we said before, in some areas, the best Zahedi dried dates are planted and harvested.

Qirokarzin Zahedi dates are considered by many traders and merchants because they have a long shelf life and do not require refrigeration and storage conditions, and of course, they are also highly regarded among home consumers.

Payvand Group: Zahidi Dates Supplier

Payvand Company is one of the leading companies in the field of exporting Iranian dates, especially Zahedi dates. This company is ready to provide any types of dates needed by its customers with the highest quality. To order, please contact the company’s sales office.

Zahedi date distributor

qasab dates

Zahedi dates produced in Iran are one of the best Zahedi dates produced in the world. Join us to learn more about Zahedi dates.

Zahedi dates are produced in the south of Iran, which is also called Qasab dates. The best and highest quality dates are Zahedi in the southern region of Fars province. Fars province is one of the date-producing regions of Iran, which produces the best Zahedi dates in the country for export. Dates are produced in every city of Fars province, and these dates are not only Zahedi dates, but there are other types of dates in the cities of this province.

Thousands of tons of Qasab dates are harvested annually in Iran, of which a large volume is prepared for domestic consumption and a large volume is prepared for export and exported to neighboring countries and Europe. Iran is one of the best lands for planting and harvesting this crop due to its diverse climate, and fortunately the harvest rate of Zahedi Dates in Iran is very suitable. Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces have the largest share in the production of this product. The hot and dry climate of these areas has provided very good conditions for the growth of the best specimens of this date in these areas.

This date is known as a youth elixir in developed countries and is in great demand.

Payvand Company: Zahedi Dates Supplier

Payvand Group, as one of the main and leading companies in the production and packaging of dates in Iran, due to the use of the most standard and quality equipment for transportation and packaging of dates has been able to provide many services in the supply of Zahedi Dates in Iran and abroad. For more information, please contact the company’s sales department.

Wholesale Zahedi dates

qasab dates

Zahedi date, which has another name called Qasab and this name is mostly due to the dryness of Zahedi date. In Iran, the percentage of lands where Zahedi date palm tree is grown is very high. Most of the southern lands of Iran, including: Bushehr province, Fars province, Hormozgan province, Khuzestan province are covered by Zahedi date palm tree..

Zahedi dates have many customers in domestic and foreign markets due to the large area under cultivation, its relatively low price, as well as its many properties and delicious and crunchy taste.

Zahedi dates for export to other countries must be of high quality, the good quality of Zahedi dates is clear from its color. If the color of Zahedi date is light brown or chocolate brown, it means that this date has good quality, otherwise , it means that Zahedi date is not of good quality and it can not be classified of first-class dates.

Payvand Group: Bulk distributor of Zahedi Dates

Payvand Group, the largest supplier of dates in Iran, delivers Zahedi dates in bulk and retail directly and without intermediaries to customers. Traders, importers, distributors and retailers of dates can send their requests to the company’s sales department to buy the Zahedi dates they need.

Exporting Zahedi Dates

zahedi dates

One of the most prestigious dates for export in Iran is Zahedi Dates or Qsasab dates. This oval date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and other countries in the world due to its particular and special color, wonderful taste and of course very simple storage conditions and its many fans. Hence exporting Zahedi dates is usually considered as the first export target of Iranian traders.

Zahedi dates have an oval or ellipse shape. The end of this date has a narrow and sharp point. This date is consumed semi-dry and khark. The ratio of Zahedi date meat to kernel is 6.35%. Its core is almost attached to the flesh of the date. It has a yellowish color, which, of course, eats a yellowish (golden) brown when wet. In general, Zahedi dates should be considered as dried dates and are classified in this range.

PayvandGroup: Zahedi Dates Exporter

Payvand Company with many years of proud experience in the domestic and international markets is ready to meet the needs of its export market customers in the field of supplying various types of dates, especially Zahedi dates.

Zahedi Dates

zahedi date

Zahedi Dates or (Qasab Dates) are one of the dried dates in the world.

The range of cultivation of Zahedi dates in Iran is so large that it starts from the southwestern regions of the country such as Kermanshah (Qasr Shirin), Khuzestan, Bushehr province and is cultivated up to Hormozgan province and south of Fars province.

Due to its relatively low price and rich properties, it is very popular and especially diabetics can use it as a sugar. The best type of Zahedi date (Qasab Dates) has a light brown or chocolate brown color.

Zahedi or Qasab dates, which is called Zahedi in Arabic, is one of the attractive dates for export to Arab and African countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Zahedi date consumption statistics

It is interesting to know that in general, a volume equivalent to thousands of tons is harvested net from all over the country. From this amount, a large volume of domestic consumption and a large volume are prepared for export and exported directly and indirectly to neighboring and European countries.

Iran is one of the best lands for planting and harvesting this crop due to its diverse climate, and fortunately the harvest rate of this crop in Iran is very suitable.

Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces have the largest share in the production of this product.

The hot and dry climate of these areas has provided very good conditions for the growth of the best samples of Zahedi dates in these areas.

Unique properties of Zahedi dates

Dates are a fruit that has countless properties. Many benefits and properties are common in dates, but in any case, the amount of these properties may vary depending on the date and place of harvest. But in general, Zahedi dates have the following properties:

  • The sugar in dates is a type of fructose that not only does not cause blood sugar but is also effective for weight loss.
  • This date facilitates the absorption of vitamins and antioxidants due to its catalyst.
  • The nature of this date is warm and it is very suitable for people with a cold temperament.
  • Excess manganese in these dates relieves nerves
  • This date has many vitamins, including vitamins C, B1, B2
  • Zahedi dates have extremely high minerals, the most important of which are magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, calcium
  • Zahedi dates are rich in fiber, which is why people with digestive problems should include it in their food basket.
  • These dates control and reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood and are very good for heart health.
  • Potassium from Zahedi dates is also very useful for relieving fatigue and muscle pain, especially after strenuous exercise.
  • The calories in Zahedi dates are very low
  • Calcium in Zahedi dates is very high and therefore useful for bones
  • Zahedi dates are high in iron, which is recommended for anemia
  • This date is rich in antioxidants that are very useful in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

PayvandGroup: Supplier of Iran Dates

PayvandGroup as one of key supplier of Iranian Dates especially Zahedi Date, handpick its raw-materials from its networks of local farmers, carefully selecting each item, always ensuring consistent and premium quality.

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