Exporting Zahedi Dates

zahedi dates

One of the most prestigious dates for export in Iran is Zahedi Dates or Qsasab dates. This oval date is one of the best-selling dates in Iran and other countries in the world due to its particular and special color, wonderful taste and of course very simple storage conditions and its many fans. Hence exporting Zahedi dates is usually considered as the first export target of Iranian traders.

Zahedi dates have an oval or ellipse shape. The end of this date has a narrow and sharp point. This date is consumed semi-dry and khark. The ratio of Zahedi date meat to kernel is 6.35%. Its core is almost attached to the flesh of the date. It has a yellowish color, which, of course, eats a yellowish (golden) brown when wet. In general, Zahedi dates should be considered as dried dates and are classified in this range.

PayvandGroup: Zahedi Dates Exporter

Payvand Company with many years of proud experience in the domestic and international markets is ready to meet the needs of its export market customers in the field of supplying various types of dates, especially Zahedi dates.

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