Exporting Kabkab Dates

kabkab dates

Kabkab dates are one of the most important dates in the country and have a lot of production. Behbahan and Dashtestan kabkab dates are usually famous and many people prefer kabkab dates from these two regions to other places. Dates produced in Iran have both many fans and are very popular in the world. The reason for this popularity is the very good taste, high quality and reasonable price of dates. Exporting Kabkab dates is very important for Iranian traders because of its global fans.

Kabkab dates are one of the most important types of dates in Iran, which is in a special position in terms of economy and export. Every year, a large amount of currency enters Iran to sell these dates to neighboring countries, the United States, Europe and Africa.

Kabkab dates are generally eaten as Rutab. This date is oval and is considered one of the semi-dry or wet dates in Iran. Due to the high production in the country, kabkab dates have a reasonable price, which makes them have many customers.

The color of the fruit is yellow in the Khark stage and light brown and burnt brown in the wet stage, and it becomes dark brown when fully ripe. It is mostly consumed in the form of Rutab and dates.

PayvandGroup: Kabkab Dates Supplier

Payvand Company, as one of the largest suppliers of kabkab dates in Iran, prepares the best types of dates from its trusted farmers and sends them to world markets.

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