Exporting Mazafati Dates

mazafati dates

Do this to determine the quality of this date. The higher the juice content of a date, the higher the quality and grade of Mazafati dates. This type of date is not considered as a dried fruit and nuts due to its high humidity. These dates are soft dates. Bam Mazafati dates are in great demand both domestically and internationally. Therefore,exporting Mazafati dates is very important for traders and exporters.

The size of the good type of this date is between 2.5 to 4.5 cm. Mazafati dates are the most famous type of dates in Iran and of course in the world. Sometimes they mistakenly use the word Rotab for it. In fact, Rotab is the fresh fruit of the palm tree. Dried Rotab is date.

The color of this date usually tends to dark purple and black. These dates are also available in brown and dark brown. Because this date is red in the first stage of ripening and turns black as it grows.

Payvand Group: Mazafati Dates Supplier

Payvand Group, as one of the companies active in the field of supply and export of Iranian dates, is ready to offer the best products, especially Mazafati dates, to its customers.

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