Exporting Shahani Dates

shahani dates

Although Shahani Dates are cultivated in various cities in Iran, but its main origin is in the south of Iran and Fars province, especially Jahrom city. Almost 95% of the date palms that are planted and cultivated in Jahrom are from these dates. Shahani dates are considered as wet dates, which are also harvested semi-wet and dry.

This date has a lot of sweetness and has a high nutritional value for it and is considered one of the best-selling dates in Iran. Sometimes these dates are consumed as khark. The fruit is elongated and has a narrow tip and its color is light brown.

The main market of this date is in Iran and neighboring Arab countries and sometimes this product is exported to American and European countries. This type of date has a soft and moist texture and is used to prepare date juice.

PayvandGroup: Shahani Dates Supplier

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