Sair Dates

Sair (Sayer) Dates is one of the sweetest dates in the world.

Its sugar content is above 75%.

The time of harvest of Sayer dates is about the beginning of September to the beginning of October.

It is one of the major dates for export, which has many exports to Europe.

The groves of under cultivated Sayer dates are in Khouzestan province in Iran and cover about 70% of Khouzestan province and are among the semi-dry dates with moisture and humidity less than 18%, and this has made them have better and longer storage conditions than other dates. Sayer dates can be stored for a long time (about 15 months) in covered warehouses and at room temperature without any problems.

This has facilitated the export of Sayer dates, so that about 45% of the share of Iranian date exports belongs to Sayer dates. The color of it is dark brown and sometimes black and red. Due to the high amount of sugar, it dissolves quickly in water and creates a lot of sweetness. The degree of adhesion of the kernel to the meat of Sayer dates is very low.

Its core can be easily separated from dates without the slightest effort and can be coreless. Most customers of Sayer dates for export are European countries, Russia, North America, New Zealand and Arab countries. The most common type of packaging for Sayer dates for export is in 5 and 10 kg cartons.

The possibility of shipping to distant countries without refrigerated containers is one of the significant advantages of this date. The quality of Sayer dates is divided into the following categories:

  • Super select
  • Select
  • B grade
  • GAQ
  • FAQ

All of the above can be provided in both core and non-core types (pitted and unpitted)

Sayer date harvest season (Sair Dates):

The time of harvest of Sayer dates (Sair Dates) is about the beginning of September to early October.

PayvandGroup: Iranian Dates Supplier

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