Dates Wholesale

dates wholesaler

As you know, the date product is one of the best-selling natural products in Iran and the Middle East. There are many centers in these areas that are active in the distribution and sale of dates.

One of the important and influential factors in increasing the price of dates for buyers are intermediaries. These intermediaries, which sometimes last to several levels, due to the desire for profit margins for themselves, cause traders and retailers to buy this product at a higher price from the intermediary. As a result, the cost price of dates rises for the final consumer.

Dates wholesale is done in large and well-known companies which are active in the field of dates trading. With the strong and powerful relationships they have established with farmers, they usually buy their products as a guarantee and send them to target markets in various ways. One way to wholesale dates is to send these products in bulk to target markets. Another method is to use well-equipped machines to package and create added value and then send it to target markets.

Payvand Company: The Largest Dates Wholesaler

Payvand company will meet everything you expect from a date supplier. As one of the leading companies in the field of date trade and export of dates, our experts are always ready to be the best advisor to our esteemed customers in the field of date purchase. For more information, please contact the company’s sales department.

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