Characteristics of quality Mazafati dates

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Mazafati date is one of the soft date cultivars. This date, like other types of dates, is harvested with different quality grades. First-class Mazafati dates, which are mostly used for export, must have a series of characteristics.

Some characteristics of high quality dates include:

  • Be moist and juicy
  • Its skin is not detached
  • Be large and fleshy
  • Its color should be completely black

Which province has higher quality Mazafati dates?

Dates are one of the tropical crops harvested in the southern regions of Iran.
Most of Mazafati dates are harvested in Kerman province in Jiroft and Bam cities.

Bam city is one of the largest producers of Mazafati dates that many people know this product as Bam dates. The highest quality sample of Mazafati dates can be found in Bam city, which has taken a large share of exports.

As a result, Bam Mazafati dates are one of the best examples of Mazafati dates in Iran, which are usually used for export.

Refrigerated containers must be used to export first-class Mazafati dates. They must also be stored in the cold store at the customs warehouse of origin and destination. Otherwise, Mazafati dates will rot. Many exporters prefer to use lightweight Mazafati dates that do not have syrup for export (Donam dates) that do not face such problems.

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