What is the difference between Rotab and Dates?

What is the difference between Rotab and Dates?

Dates are ripe and full in four consecutive stages and can be consumed normally. The third stage of these stages is called Rotab. At this stage, the moisture of the product is high and its sugar is low.

Many people think that Rotab is the same as Dates. But there are differences between the two. The ripening process of date fruit has four stages. During these stages, changes in color, taste and size occur. At first, it is hard and green in color, the taste of which is bitter and slightly astringent. Over time, its moisture content decreases and its sugars increase until it is finally ripe. Rotab is the stage before dates that have more moisture and less sugar. Rotab of some types of dates has a good oral consumption. In the ripe date stage, its texture hardens and its moisture is minimized. The color of ripe dates is completely brown to black. At this time, the date has high fructose and glucose and low sucrose. Its texture is uniform and sometimes wrinkled.

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