Iran Rabbi Dates

iran rabbi dates

Rabbi dates are a semi-dried date that can be stored at room temperature. These dates are available in relative sizes, attractive black color and soft texture. There is another type of rabbi date that is smaller, drier and harder. Rabi date is one of the most important products of Sistan and Baluchestan province. Iranshahr, Zabol, Chabahar and Saravan have quality rabbi dates.

Rabbi dates have a high nutritional value due to their natural nutrients. The vital ingredients of this fruit are lactose and fructose, which are rich sources of natural sugar and are not harmful to those who suffer from high blood sugar. Iranian rabbi date is an appetizer that prevents from cancer of digestive system, improves gastrointestinal function, helps relieve nervous tension and treat diseases such as anemia and high fat.

Remember, if you eat a lot of dates, the date fruit will gain weight due to the large amount of sugar, which mostly contains simple sugars. Recent research has shown that dates, due to their classification in the fruit group, include all the benefits of vegetables and fruits, in addition, they have a small amount of fat and are therefore considered a low-fat nutrient.

Annually, a wide range of rabbi dates are cultivated in Saravan city and Sistan and Baluchestan province, which in addition to consumption in domestic markets, are exported to Central Asia, India and Pakistan.

The most exquisite species of dates are produced in Iran. Rabbi date is one of the best and most primitive dates in the world that grows only in Iran. This semi-dry date grows in Sistan and Baluchestan province.

Payvand Company: Rabbi Dates Exporter

Payvand Group is one of the most prominent and largest exporters of dates in Iran. Payvand Company has been established in order to supply new types of dates, including pitted, fresh and dried, in Iran and abroad. Currently, this company is one of the leading companies in the export of various dates, especially Rabbi dates.

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