Kalooteh Dates

kaliteh dates

Kalooteh dates (or Kaliteh dates) are considered as wet or semi-wet dates in Iran and have a relatively moderate juice. Kaliteh Dates have a soft flesh and are easily chewed in the mouth. This fruit is initially red in color and is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates. It also has a suitable quality, and is one of the important commercial cultivars of Iranian dates.

Harvesting of Kalooteh dates starts at the beginning of September. In fact, from early September to late September is known as the time of harvest or ripening of these dates. In the southern cities of Iran, dates are well harvested. Many of the cultivated lands of these cities are also Kaliteh date palms.

The palm of this date is one of the tall palm species and in Kerman province and especially in Jiroft region, there are many palm groves. It takes about 7 to 10 years from planting to fruiting. Fortunately, the product of these regions is so high quality that it has been able to introduce itself well among the local and foreign people and is considered one of the best-selling types of dates in Iran.

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