Remove intermediaries

It is safe to say that the main concern among farmers, producers as well as buyers is the existence of many intermediaries and numerous brokers.

In many agricultural products the country’s farmers say, at the time of sale, not only the planting and maintenance costs are not returned, but also these loved ones couldn’t afford their living expenses! In recent years, the guaranteed purchase of some crops has not been as fruitful as expected, and farmers are still struggling with the staggering costs of farming in on hand and living costs on the other hand.

What is more annoying in this regard is the huge difference between the purchase price from the manufacturer and the price offered in the market, so that in some cases this difference can be multiplied. On the one hand, farmers and producers are suspected of offering high prices without even knowing their souls, and on the other hand, consumers who are forced to use these products are forced to buy these products at unfair prices. But in the meantime, what is the reason that led to the formation of this unjust gap?

Payvand Company is proud that it has tried its best to connect the producer and the buyer directly, and thus, both the producer (especially farmers and gardeners) and the buyers get the maximum satisfaction and benefit from their transactions.