The most expensive date in Iran

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The most expensive and luxurious date in Iran is ‌ in Hajiabad city in Hormozgan Province. These dates are mostly exported. The title of this date in the world is Chocolate Dates, which is also significant. The price of Piarom dates in the country is higher than all dates, and usually for this reason many people are not able to buy these dates, and on the other hand, these dates are exported more due to low cultivation and are not widely sold in the country.

Here are some reasons why these dates are expensive. Piarom dates have more properties in their intrinsic structure than other dates and are more useful than other dates. The next reason is the shortage of these dates in the country and the world. In the whole of Iran, it is interesting to know that only the city of Hajiabad has Piarom dates, and again in this city, Piarom is divided into several qualities, namely, first-grade Piaromm dates and second-grade Piarom dates.

Piarom dates have another name in the world. Some foreign buyers know this date as Maryam dates and when buying, they ask Iranian sellers for Maryam dates.

Payvand Company: Iran Dates Supplier

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